Часто задаваемые вопросы

Can i join the online challenge at anytime?

Yes you can, your progress will be monitored after 30 days.

Are there live workouts?

Yes! there are live workouts and you can also have access to the recorded session if you can't meet up with the live workout.

Is there a meal plan?

Yes! A general meal plan is provided for the challenge and a personalized meal plan is available on request.

How do I interact with you?

You can always email (info@sandrolfit.com) and I am also a phone call away.

How does the billing work?

You can pay via Paypal or EFT with the reference provided.

How do i access the challenge resources?

You will get the resources via the email you used to purchase the challenge and you will get updated via our whatsapp group.

What if i don't acheive my fitness goal after 30 days?

I worked incredibly hard to put this challenge together for you, and I assure you if you stick to the plan you will see results. Our fitness goal is not just once in a lifetime event. It is a lifestyle and that is what this challenge is all about (to teach you how to be consistent and resilient).